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About Android Box

Android TV is the next step in the development of Smart TV, but in reality – we are talking about a fundamentally different platform. From the perspective of an advanced user, a TV with a traditional Smart TV is a computer on which you can install programs and applications from just one developer. This is clearly not enough. The system is suitable only for non-fastidious Internet users and for those who want to slightly expand the capabilities of a standard TV by increasing the amount of content. If you need to create a multimedia center or bring to the big screen movies and games from a PC or tablet, then you should choose Android TV.

The key difference...

The key difference from the traditional Smart TV is the availability of Google services and other interesting features offered by the Android operating system, such as a single Google account for all devices, integrated voice search, Google Cast support, connection of peripheral devices and the ability to install various applications not limited by the service Google Play. The user can even access the content from any of the devices, since Android TV combines TV and mobile devices. For example, you can transfer your favorite content from a tablet or phone to a large TV screen with just one touch of the gadget's display.